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Børresen, Karen Anna og Aasheim, Finn Arild

Paperback / 2023 / English


What was it like to grow up in an industrial town in England in the shadow of two world wars? What was it like to come as a young foreigner and an immigrant to Norway just after the war?


What is it like to be an “Oldema”, a great grandmother, when you as a child thought the next bomb would hit you and your family?


An Oldema is a living history book. Our Oldema is a good storyteller, and the children listen and ask questions. We gladly share these stories with you.


kr 130,00Pris
  • ISBN: 9788269335316

    Published: 16.10.2023

    Edition: First edition

    Publisher: Firfisla forlag

    Weight: 110 g

    Size: 148 x 210 x 4mm

    Ages: 6+

    Language: English

    Format: Softcover

    Pages: 64

    Author: Børresen, Karen Anna and Aasheim, Finn Arild




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